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New developments with the HPV jab for teenagers

Over the weekend The Guardian newspaper reported that pressure is being put on the Department of Health (DoH) to replace the current vaccine offered to all teenage girls to protect them from cervical cancer, with one that will also protect them against genital warts. The […]

Donors’ desires trump patient safety

A paper and accompanying editorial in this week’s BMJ seem to mark a new low in the erosion of patient safety in favour of political correctness. Since the 2009 BMJ head to head debate on whether the lifetime ban on blood donation for men who […]

HPV vaccine Goes global

A year or so ago my twelve year old daughter was told that all her class were to be given the vaccination against the sexually transmitted HPV virus, assuming they consented to it. All her peers went ahead, probably with little thought on it. However […]


How could anyone object to teaching schoolgirls to say ‘no to sex’?

MPs have voted 67-61 in favour of a bill introduced by Conservative MP Nadine Dorries, which wants schools to ensure that sex education for girls includes ‘information and advice on the benefits of abstinence from sexual activity’. The ten minute rule bill proceeds to a […]


Current sexual health strategies are based on three false presuppositions

Can we imagine training young people how to drive without also instructing them in the laws of the road? Or teaching trainee surgeons how to remove an appendix without also training them in the proper indications for the procedure? And yet when it comes to […]