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More irresponsible suicide reporting by the media – there is a better way of dealing with this issue

The former chief inspector of schools, Chris Woodhead, has told how he has considered ending his life at Dignitas, the Swiss suicide facility, after being confined to a wheelchair by motor neurone disease. The hugely controversial head of Ofsted in the 90s claims to have […]

Abortion and mental health – strongest evidence yet of a link

With uncanny timing, in the light of a Parliamentary debate next week on pre-abortion counselling, the prestigious British Journal of Psychiatry has today published the findings of one of the largest studies of its kind on abortion, showing that almost 10% of all mental health […]


The Royal College of Psychiatrists consultation on abortion and mental health – let’s put this into perspective

Some people have expressed concern about an article published in the Daily Telegraph yesterday which reported on a new consultation by the Royal College of Psychiatrists looking at the relationship between abortion and mental health. The Telegraph headline ‘Abortion doesn’t harm mothers’ mental health’ is […]