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As Christian doctors today let’s, like Nehemiah, be people of prayer and perseverance

Nehemiah was the key figure, along with Ezra, who was used by God in the fifth century BC to help bring about one of the most profound revivals in biblical history. He was a skilful politician, a clever strategist, a brilliant manager, a social reformer […]


17th Century lesson for medical students today

Thomas Sydenham, a man of deep Christian faith who many regard as the father of English medicine, said the following in his advice to medical students in 1668: ‘Whoever applies himself to medicine should seriously weigh the following considerations: First, that he will one day […]

Death of a tea lady - the unforeseen effects of a bad management decision

Death of a tea lady – the unforeseen effects of a bad management decision

When I was a general surgical registrar in Auckland, New Zealand the ‘management era’ was just beginning. Someone, who I expect had never worn greens and didn’t know one end of a retractor from another, was examining the operating theatre budget in some office remote […]


New report claims that junior doctors’ training ‘puts patients at risk’ but will the government be prepared to pay for the real solution required?

A new report, Foundation for Excellence, this week has claimed that patients are being put at ‘unnecessary risk’ because inexperienced junior doctors are being ‘thrown in at the deep end’. The 128-page report, led by Professor John Collins of Oxford University (interestingly one of my […]


NICE and GP consortia. What criteria should we use in deciding how to distribute scarce medical resources? Some help from St Paul.

The government’s drug rationing body, NICE, is to lose its power to turn down new medicines for use in the NHS, but will continue to write guidelines for doctors on the best treatments for their patients. In addition, the current limit on the cost of […]