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Faith, health & the World Health Organisation

The World Health Assembly in Geneva comes to an end today, after a relatively uneventful few days. The WHA is the strategy setting body for the World Health Organisation, and so its decisions affect the global health priorities of the world for the coming years.  […]


A week with two good prayers and one bad one

I’ve just returned from a fantastic CMF National Conference at Swanwick on the theme ‘heroes of faith’. One of the talks by Pablo Martinez focussed on the three friends of Daniel the prophet who were thrown into a fiery furnace by the King of Babylon […]


Disagreement amongst Christians is normal and unity does not mean uniformity

My father was a Congregationalist and my mother Anglican and after leaving home my brother joined the Baptists and I the Open Brethren. I married my Presbyterian wife in a Christian Missionary Alliance church, and during house-jobs we were members of an Apostolic Pentecostal fellowship. […]


Let’s be completely honest, clear and truthful about healing as well as expectant

The May 2012 edition of ‘Christianity’ carries several testimonies of healing after prayer and an article about Christian MPs testifying to God’s power to heal. Like most Bible-believing Christians the 4,000 Christian doctors who belong to Christian Medical Fellowship believe in God’s power to heal […]


Christian conscience, the Bible and the law

Are there any circumstances in which Christians should disobey the law? The Bible teaches us in both Old and New Testaments that it is God himself who institutes human authorities: ‘..the Most High is sovereign over the kingdoms of men and gives them to anyone […]