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CMF Blogs occasionally include posts by guest authors on a variety of topics.

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Dr Mark Pickering

BMA affirms Liverpool Care Pathway

Negative media coverage of the Liverpool Care Pathway (LCP) in recent months has been incredibly unhelpful, spreading fear and confusion amongst patients and relatives. A small number of well-publicised failures to use the tool properly have led to a widespread smearing of its name. Some […]


Teaching in medicine – what would Jesus do?

I recently had the slightly strange experience of running some seminars for GP Tutors at my old medical school. It was the first time that I had returned there (apart from a brief evening visit for our year’s thirtieth anniversary) for 37 years. Although I […]


Dilemmas, difficulties and hope – reproductive health in developing countries

Despite my determination a few years ago not to be a GP with a Women’s Health interest that’s exactly what I’ve found that I love!  Having exhausted the UK Diplomas and Letters of Competence and with a long-standing interest in working in developing nations, I […]


Joy, sorrow and satisfaction – medical mission in Ecuador

My own personal journey to becoming a medical missionary began when I finished secondary school and went on a short-term mission team to Ecuador. While we ran a Bible club for slum children a five-year-old boy, Juan, came to our attention. He had a gangrenous […]


Losing trust – why immunisation programmes fail

What do South Wales, North Nigeria and Northwest Pakistan have in common? They all have outbreaks of serious viral infections which could easily have been prevented by vaccines which are known to be effective. So why are children not being immunised? There are many reasons […]