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Andre is CMF's junior researcher in Public Policy and Advocacy.

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Seeing the Person behind the disability

Late in June, the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) abolished the role of Disability Commissioner. This happened 36 hours before Lord Shinkwin, newly appointed to the role, was due to hold his first board meeting. Shinkwin explains that EHRC’s chair, David Isaac, had declared […]


‘Wrongful Births’: The NHS spends millions in compensation… for babies being born

A recent response by the Government to a Parliamentary question on so-called ‘wrongful birth’ cases has revealed some startling findings. Although perhaps ‘shocking’ may be a more appropriate word. Government figures show that the NHS has paid out more than £114 million since 1995 on 156 successful claims for […]


Organ donation- how can we increase numbers without compromising our ethics?

We are facing an organ donation crisis. The need for organ transplants is currently outstripping the supply of donated organs. This can be seen plainly from the statistics, where, in the period 2015/16, 4,605 total organ transplants were undertaken in the UK, but 6,463 were […]

The age-old question: Science and political interests in the debate over abortion

The age-old question: Science and political interests in the debate over abortion

Political agendas hiding behind science are nothing new. A particularly famous episode occurred in the 1950s, where tobacco companies tried to instil doubt in scientific reports that found correlations between smoking and bad health by funding research of their own. Yet, the idea that science […]