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Developing Health Course – Back home

Dr Vicky Lavy worked for ten years in Malawi, setting up a palliative care programme for children. She now works for CMF as Head of International Ministries.
The views expressed do not necessarily reflect those of CMF.

Back in the office at Johnson House and life is returning to normal after a busy, sunny, exhausting, happy fortnight at Oak Hill. Laura and I are surrounded by about 800 feedback forms from all the different sessions! The participants were very positive about the course – ‘I’ve come away inspired and excited…’ ‘The standard of teaching was excellent and I felt refreshed in many different ways…’ ‘Spiritually, it’s been so encouraging…”I came away fired up with new ideas…’ ‘The food has been so good I’ve gone up three sizes!’ were among their comments.

There have been some wonderful people on the course – participants and speakers alike have told stories which have inspired and challenged us and shared wisdom and experience. A total of 61 participants came – some for the full fortnight, others for one week, others as day visitors. In all we had 41 different speakers – it’s fantastic that have such a wealth of expertise in CMF – heartfelt thanks to all of them for giving their time and energy.

It is exciting to think about the impact that this course has each year. This year’s participants are returning or going for the first time to 18 different countries where they will use their newly acquired knowledge and skills to care for many hundreds of patients, and to teach others who will care for many hundreds more – from Peru to Pakistan and Tibet to Tanzania.

Next year’s course is booked for 26 June – 8 July 2011. Maybe we’ll see you there?

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